Simona Theoharova

Simona Theoharova
(Photographer: Janine Guldener, Teresa Marenzi)


  • Name:

    Simona Theoharova

  • Year of birth:


  • Nationality:

    German, Bulgarian

  • Education:

    Internationally active as an actress since 2005. Diploma in Psychology with additional subject Philosophy - Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, 2010.

  • Residence (tax):

    Berlin, (Bremen and Sofia would be possible on a permanent basis)

  • Possible accommodations:

    Bremen, Hamburg, Herford, Munich, Sofia, Varna, Vienna

  • Height:


  • Eyes


  • Languages:

    Bulgarian (mother tongue), German (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (fluent), Sign Language (DGS, good), Macedonian (good), Spanish (good), Portuguese (basic knowledge), Russian (basic knowledge), Serbian (basic knowledge).

  • Dialects:

    Accent-free High German, North German native dialect, various East European accents.

  • Voice pitch:


  • Vocals:

    Chanson, Improvisation

  • Instruments:

    Harp (good)

  • Sports:

    Archery, volleyball, swimming, horse riding, cycling (long distance >1,000km tours). Dance training (various styles from classical to street dance and jive to Bollywood).

  • Driver license:

    Class B

  • Miscellaneous:

    Improvisation (theater and dance). Choreography. Voiceover. Motion Capturing. Milking. Multilingual raised, born in Bulgaria. Own film production in Bulgaria (development and realization of own, also award-winning projects). Graduate psychologist with additional subject philosophy (skill: conversation and research in hostage negotiations and motivational/commitment language). Trainer and examiner for educators and prospective geriatric nurses. Work with children with refugee experience. Author/narrative designer of series and VR games.

  • Roots:

    Greek-Bulgarian (grandparents), Bulgarian (parents)