Marc Philipps

Marc Philipps

(Photographer: Max Bertani)


  • Name:

    Marc Philipps

  • Year of birth:


  • Nationality:


  • Education:

    Acting Center Cologne

  • Residence (tax):


  • Possible accommodations:

    Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dresden, Görlitz, Vienna, Bucharest, Ibiza

  • Height:


  • Eyes


  • Languages:

    German (native), Romanian (native), English / American (fluent), French (good)

  • Dialects:

    Rhenish (native dialect), North German, Berlin dialect.

  • Voice pitch:


  • Vocals:

    Chanson, Gospel, Jazz , Musical, Rock / Pop, Schlager, Soul / RnB - all professional. Hip Hop / Rap - good

  • Instruments:

    piano, keyboard (basic)

  • Sports:

    Fencing (very good), Football (very good), Hockey (very good), Aerobics (good), Badminton (good), Ball sports (good), Basketball (good), Billiards (good), Ice field hockey (good), Canoe / Kayak - good, Pilates (good), Taekwon-Do - good, Tennis - good, Table tennis - good, Pilates - good. Dance: Freestyle (very good), HipHop (good), Jazz Dance (good)

  • Driver license:

    moped, car, tractor/moped

  • Miscellaneous:

    wholesale and foreign trade merchant, educator, impersonator, journalist, artistic director, singer, performer, production manager for the independent theater scene in Germany. Improvisation.

  • Roots:

    German / Romanian. Grew up bilingual (German / Romanian). Lived abroad (Romania, France)