Léo Aristide Mathey

Leo Mathey

(Photographers: Lukas Büsse, Antine Yzer)


  • Name:

    Léo Aristide Mathey

  • Year of birth:


  • Nationality:

    French, German

  • Education:

    Diploma in acting at the University of Music Theater and Media in Hannover, 2020. State acting training at the Conservatory of the 18th Arrondissement in Paris, 2015. A few semesters studying humanities at New York University and sociology at the Sorbonne - Paris.

  • Residence (tax):

    Hanover, other current residence: Berlin.

  • Possible accommodations:

    Paris, New York, Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin, Marseille, Frankfurt.

  • Height:

    194 cm

  • Eyes


  • Languages:

    French (native), German (native), English (very fluent), Italian (good basic).

  • Voice pitch:

    Baritone - Bass

  • Vocals:

    Stage singing

  • Instruments:


  • Sports:

    Karate Shotokan (black belt, 1. Dan), Karate Kyokushinkai (very good), Basket-Ball (very good, competition experience), Alpine Skiing (very good), MMA (good), BJJ / Grappling (good), Muay Thai / Kickboxing (very good), Tango (sut), Contact Dance (very good), Contemporary Dance (good), Horseback Riding (good), Swimming (good), Weight Training (good), Yoga (good), Hiking (very good), Swimming (very good).

  • Driver license:

    Class B

  • Miscellaneous:

    Work experience as: Kitchen help, bike messenger, waiter, pallbearer, model, nude model, shopping bag carrier, babysitter, candy seller, summer camp and boarding school supervisor, schoolyard supervisor, sauna infusion master, cashier, manager at a baking counter. Grew up bilingual. Spent years abroad in Paris and New York. Enjoys flambéing while cooking. Clowning. First aid. Mime. Puppet theater/puppetry. Stunt.

  • Roots:

    Parents French - German. Part of the family lives in Switzerland. Lived in Paris for 25 years. Spent half a year in the USA.